Shaping the Future of Solar Energy

Renewable energy is more efficient than ever and here to stay - it's time to take control of your wallet and do your part in preserving the environment. With JET Solar you can feel confident that we will empower you to own your energy.

Interested in learning more or have any questions about going solar?

Benefits to going solar with Jet.

Whether you have been thinking about making the switch for a while or are just starting to look into it there are so many reasons solar power is a great choice for you. Homeowners all across the country have been investing in solar panels for their homes because of the numerous benefits. JET solar wants all of its clients to be well informed and is always happy to assist you with any of your lingering questions.

  • Efficiency

    Solar Systems installed on the west coast can produce up to 180% of what a similar system would produce in New York due to the unique weather conditions and numerous sunny days.

  • Home Equity

    Installing a solar system on your property can increase home equity by about 4%.

  • Renewable Energy

    Going solar means a reduction in your carbon footprint as well as in your electricity bill. A win for the environment and for your wallet.

  • Tax Credits

    The government is subsidizing the cost of your solar system by up to 26%.

  • Flexibility

    The option to either own or lease your system and always with $0 down. Multiple types of residential and commercial financing are available.

  • Company Culture

    Combat veteran and minority-owned JET Solar believes our clients are our number one priority which is why we have partnered with nationally recognized solar companies including Silfab and Palmetto.

My experience working at jet solar has been life changing, they gave me an opportunity that I could not receive anywhere and the work environment was productive and I love how much support I had with the organization.



Jet solar is a reputable company with impeccable service. And family owned.



My system was installed without any issues and that was a relief. I'd been thinking about getting solar panels for some time before I decided to move forward. And I'm loving it especially when the system generates more energy than I use in some months and I get credits for it, and I'm loving my lower energy bill every month too.


These guys are great! Came out and did an install for my home, we're very professional and completed the project in time.

Have recommended to my friends looking for solar!